Microsoft Introduces the New Copilot in Teams Experience


Just yesterday, Microsoft rolled out an updated the Copilot experience in Microsoft Teams with an improved UI, more intelligent prompts, and a detailed chat history. Most of the general functionality and content from the previous version remains the same, with just some added new benefits.

Some of the new benefits include refined prompts tailored to user needs including personalized details such as a user’s colleagues, scheduled meetings, and relevant files. Users can access a library of prompts through Microsoft’s Copilot Lab, as well as having the ability to see their Copilot chat history.

Users that have Copilot for Microsoft 365 access will see the new app automatically pinned above Teams chats. When users open Teams and choose “chats” they should see the Copilot logo.

Microsoft declared 2024 as their “year of the AI PC”, which will bring a new Copilot key on various new PCs and laptops being shipped. The key will grant immediate access to Windows Copilot with one button press. This key can be found between the “Alt” and left arrow key on the new keyboards. This is exciting news since the PC keyboard has not been changed since the Windows key was added in 1994.

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