Microsoft Inspire 2019 is happening right now in Las Vegas. The theme of the event is Together, we achieve more. Like every user event, Microsoft offers partner awards and uses these 4 days as an opportunity to educated their partners and potential partners on what they can look forward to in the near future. There were thousands of partners in attendance at Insight 2019.

Microsoft executives used the opening keynotes for the Inspire 2019 partner conference to outline channel investments and address the company’s decision to retain internal use rights. At Inspire, Microsoft received applause from partners when they reiterated that Microsoft will continue to provide free product licenses for use with partners’ businesses. Microsoft is planning to invest about $3 billion in partners over the next year.

As an end user, you should be excited to know that Microsoft plans to keep investing in Office 365 and Azure, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering how much emphasis those 2 product lines have had and the amount of growth we have seen in the last year to those specifically. Microsoft stated at the event “All of our solution areas will get better in FY20. The innovation that we’re bringing forward is simply fantastic.” Here are some highlights that followed this statement:

  • You’re going to see more collaborative capabilities in Teams. AI capabilities enriched in Teams. Differentiation by industry. Investments in security, in compliance.
  • Advances in data and AI will bring limitless data and unlimited analytics.
  • Teams is going to bring the entire business process and create a whole new user experience. You can bring all the business applications to the forefront of that user experience in one single shared work space.
  • Big opportunity with Microsoft Azure. Customers that are running on Servers still are vulnerable and exposed.
  • Introduction of Azure Lighthouse, which builds partners in by design into Azure, by enabling multi-customer, multi-tenant management, at scale in a secure environment with automation.
  • Microsoft has over 12,000 applications and services in the marketplace.

Microsoft Inspire 2019 still has 2 more days before it wraps up, however it is hard not to already be excited about what is to come. Microsoft is dedicated to their partners and their end users and they are creating exciting solutions for both! 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has experts on staff in both Office 365 and Microsoft Azure applications. Give us a call today to learn how Microsoft products and services can take your business to the next level.

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