Microsoft Graph contains rich data about workers and their workplace, including information about users work habits and communication. Microsoft Graph Data Connect brings this data to Microsoft Azure, which gives you access to the best development and hosting tools to work with this data.

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Anytime a business moves and manages a large amount of data, it becomes a huge challenge. Office 365 administrators must carefully consider the risks involved before jumping uneducated into this process. Microsoft Graph Data Connect is designed to give administrators new controls over their data; you can use that data to build apps that create data-driven insights.

Microsoft Graph Data Connect, paired with Microsoft Azure analytics and Office 365 data, can be used to build intelligent applications and bring resources to software developers. This system enables both Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and enterprise developers to build intelligent applications with organizations’ most valuable data using best-in class development tools in Azure. Office 365 customers will gain innovative or industry-specific applications that enhance their productivity while keeping full control over their data.

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