Microsoft Copilot for Security Available Globally Very Soon


Microsoft just announced last week that Microsoft Copilot for Security will officially launch worldwide on April 1, 2024. As the industry’s pioneering generative AI solution, Copilot empowers security and IT professionals to excel in their roles. This powerful tool is not only multilingual but also capable of processing prompts and delivering responses in eight languages. Additionally, it boasts a multilingual interface that supports twenty-five different languages. Copilot is fully prepared to serve security needs across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Here are some key things to know:

  • Enhanced Detection: Copilot helps you identify threats that might otherwise go unnoticed, allowing you to say one step ahead.
  • Speed and Agility: With Copilot, you will move faster, leveraging insights from vast data and threat intelligence sources.
  • Expert Guidance: Tailored recommendations guide your next steps, ensuring effective responses to security challenges.

Copilot draws from a wealth of knowledge, including seventy-eight trillion security signals processed by Microsoft daily. It combines this intelligence with advanced language models to deliver actionable insights. Now, you can safeguard your organization at the speed and scale of artificial intelligence, revolutionizing your security operations.

Microsoft just recently announced the outcome of their second Copilot for Security economic study, which highlighted the remarkable impact of Microsoft Copilot on experienced security professionals.

Here is a summary of the findings:

  • Speed Boost: Seasoned security analysts using Copilot were 22% faster in executing common security tasks
  • Enhanced Accuracy: They achieved 7% greater accuracy across all tasks when utilizing Copilot
  • Overwhelming Approval: An impressive 97% expressed their desire to continue using Copilot for future tasks

The study specifically focused on experienced security professionals, building upon their previous randomized controlled trial from last November, which was centers on new-in-career security analysts. Both studies assessed productivity gains when analysts employed Copilot for Security compared to a control group without it. The combined results underscore that Copilot benefits everyone, regardless of their expertise level. By empowering security teams with Copilot, we can dismantle barriers, foster growth, and enhance the overall work experience. Security for all is now within reach!

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