Microsoft Broadens Features in Azure Cognitive Services


In Microsoft’s efforts to dominate the artificial intelligence SaaS market, Microsoft is beefing up its suite of cloud-hosting machine learning tools, which are called Azure Cognitive Services. The two additions announced are the Anomaly Detector, which aims to intelligently comprehend unusual activity in millions of data transactions and Custom Vision, which facilitates the training and deployment of object-detecting AI models.

Azure Cognitive Services AI Services Microsoft Gold Partner 2W TechAzure Cognitive Services makes it easy for developers to add intelligent capabilities to their applications in any scenario by using speech recognition, translation, and text-to-speech tom image and object detection. Anomaly Detector is designed to identify unusual or irregular data patterns that might signal a problem. It runs in real-time and is available through a single API.

Custom Vision is Azure’s AI-driven image classification product, allows developers to train their own real-time object classifiers and export them to run offline in IOS, Android and other edge devices. Some recent key improvements include an advanced training feature that taps a high-performance backend optimized for challenging datasets and fine-grained classifications. Developers can now also specify a compute time budget and experiment with training and augmentation settings.

Microsoft is working tirelessly to ensure the Azure AI platform is suitable in all business scenarios, with enterprise-grade tools that simplify application development, and industry-leading security and compliance for protecting customers’ data. For help instituting these recent Azure AI advances, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in Microsoft technologies.

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