Microsoft Bolstering Artificial Intelligence Offerings


Up until 2020, the digital transformation has been steadily increasing and organizations have had a handle on the amount of data within their business. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the gas pedal has been pressed on the digital transformation and the processing and handling of data has become a strain on many businesses. The only way for a business to thrive in this ever-changing landscape is to adopt modern technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence.

It was announced that Microsoft is acquiring a provider of artificial intelligence and speech recognition software, for about $16 billion, as it pushes to expand its health care technology services. Microsoft has bigger ambitions for this technology then just the healthcare specific applications it was created for. Microsoft has been making large investments in industry-specific cloud technology.

When Microsoft buys a company, its executives typically believe they can do more with the technology than the company it is buying can. In this case, Microsoft can add this artificial intelligence capabilities to its large product suite. Microsoft 365, Dynamic and Azure to name just a few.

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