If you’re looking for a solution for your scalability needs, cloud computing is the obvious answer. We’ve been touting the many benefits of the Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud for years now, and with the business world becoming more virtualized by the day, there’s no time like the present for you to take the leap into cloud computing.   

Scalability is one of the countless benefits of cloud computing. Scalability is all about adding or reducing IT resources to meet changes in demand. You can scale upward or downward to accommodate larger or smaller loads, respectively.   

If your organization requires more data storage capacity or processing power, you want a system that can scale easily and quickly – and cloud computing solutions like Microsoft Azure do just that. This is a major reason the cloud market has grown so much recently.   

Elasticity also plays a key role in cloud computing. Elasticity is about the actual increasing or decreasing of resources. It gives you the ability to fit resources to cope with loads dynamically, typically in relation to scaling out. Elasticity is crucial in pay-per-use cloud environments, helping you avoid paying for resources you don’t currently need, but you’ll want to access to meet rising demand, as necessary.   

Scalability is hardly a new concept, but this is a major drive to cloud computing these days. When your business grows and needs more resources, cloud scalability enables a rapid response with a cost-effective solution.    

There are four main cloud environments: public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. As a Microsoft Gold partner, 2W Tech is proud to work with Microsoft Azure, a hybrid cloud solution that works with your existing infrastructure as you transition to an off-premises server structure. Offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Microsoft Azure is the most flexible type of cloud, giving users a completely virtualized computing infrastructure.   

Starting your journey into Microsoft Azure’s hybrid cloud can be daunting for any organization. Remember, you don’t have to attempt this alone. 2W Tech can help. We’re a technology services provider specializing in manufacturing. We’re also a Microsoft Gold partner who can help you get set up with the Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud. Contact us today for more information.   

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