One of the biggest risks concerning data on the cloud is that it seemingly multiplies everywhere rapidly. The Office 365 ecosystem is no exception to this risk. Office 365 provides online solutions that help increase productivity and improve collaboration. Microsoft’s Trusted Cloud services help organizations safeguard data while remaining compliant with industry and regional requirements. Because security is paramount for business success, Microsoft has robust policies, controls, and systems built into Office 365 to help keep your information safe. But is this enough?

Securing Office 365 Microsoft Gold Partner IT Consultant 2W Tech

Securing Office 365 can be overwhelming for most organizations. Some of the main reasons for this is:

  • Companies count on BYOD, but uncontrolled BYOD access to Office 365 creates security gaps
  • Organizations often maintain multiple policies, inadvertently creating security holes
  • The average organization uses over 1,000 apps, most of which are unsanctioned
  • Security posture options are either too open or too restrictive
  • Some security tools manage cloud only, while others require different policies for on-premise programs
  • The inability to monitor critical data creates security and compliance risk

Microsoft-managed service-level security technologies and policies are enabled by default, and customer-managed controls allow you to customize your Office 365 environment to fit your organization’s security needs. Office 365 is continuously updated to enhance security. In addition, 2W Tech can help your organization manage additional security solutions and policies to ensure your Office 365 solutions are as secure as possible. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has IT Consultants on our staff that specialize in Security solutions for Microsoft Office 365 products. Give us a call today to get started.

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