The trend of working remote or hybrid working has become the new normal, which means it is more important than ever to have efficient and effective meetings. Over 270 million people each month use Microsoft Teams to conduct calls, meetings, and webinars.  

A new Tech community post from Microsoft lists some guidelines and best practices to help people get the most out of their meetings. 

Microsoft Teams meetings offer a collaborative and interactive experience with options to add structure for large meetings. As the size of your meetings grow, it is important to take appropriate steps to make the meeting more effective. 

To run a successful event, Microsoft recommends following an extensive list of best practices outlined in the blog post for meeting participants, IT (Information Technology) administrators and IT support staff.  

Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Regardless of meeting size, planning is the key to success of any meeting. Planning presenters and meeting criteria ahead of time allows the event to go smoother 
  • Use the Teams desktop app for optimal performance 
  • When necessary, use additional monitoring and support by the IT administrator for important meetings 
  • Enable captions and transcription for a more inclusive meeting. Both transcription and recordings are helpful for those who missed the meeting or need a recap 
  • During meetings, organizers can use different views like Dynamic View, Together Mode, or Presenter mode 

The blog article also includes some useful tips for hosting webinars and live events in Microsoft Teams. For more information on Microsoft Teams or any other Microsoft 365 applications, give 2W Tech a call. We are a technology service provider that holds several Microsoft Gold designations. Let our IT Consultants help you maximize your Microsoft 365 investment.

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