The pandemic-riddled economy is set to hand the manufacturing industry plenty of challenges once again in 2022 as questions remain about labor shortages, supply chain reliability and consumer confidence. We’re monitoring what to expect in the upcoming year, and 2W Tech is ready to help your manufacturing organization navigate the choppy waters that may lie ahead.

Here are some of the top trends in manufacturing technology we foresee taking hold in 2022:  

  • Increased investment in data-driven business tools – The digital transformation will remain a priority in 2022, with manufacturers adopting a more cost-conscious mindset while aiming to do more with less. Many companies are shifting spending toward digital solutions that support increased agility and better risk management, making them more resilient during the current weakened state of the economy. Tools that capitalize on the use of data from frontline workers will be key.  
  • Adoption of mobile solutions – More than 96 percent of younger workers already have smartphones, so mobile connected worker applications are a seamless way to engage this generation. Since younger workers are familiar with mobile devices and expect to use digital technologies in the workplace, adopting these solutions is less likely to cause friction. Also, the right digital tools lead to increased engagement, and the ability to capture critical data and best practices from the most knowledgeable workers. By allowing companies to unlock data and find out what’s happening on the factory floor in real time, leaders can identify patterns and trends and act quickly on the information.  
  • Predictive maintenance – This technology automates the process of predicting problems and flaws during the manufacturing process. Th result is reduced downtime and greater cost efficiencies. Predictive maintenance will be pivotal in helping manufacturers meet the skyrocketing customer demand and achieve digital transformation.  
  • Increased automation – Automation is vital in helping manufacturers compensate for the worker shortage and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone processes, both on the plant floor as well as the offices. Tech like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart machines can improve decision-making, quality, consistency, and uptime.  

Start the New Year right by staying on top of the technology demands your manufacturing operations require. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Give us a call today to learn more about what digital manufacturing solutions your business can leverage to ensure you are posed for future success within this digital transformation, regardless of what the future holds. 

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