Manufacturers of all sizes realize Big Data is a necessity in today’s business world, whether they’re using it presently have plans to implement it into their operations in the near future. But how do you use to achieve the best ROI for your operations?

Big Data is making it possible to accurately predict the demand for customized products. By detecting changes in customer behavior Big Data analytics can give manufacturers more lead time, providing the opportunity to produce customized products almost as efficiently as goods produced at greater scale. Innovative capabilities include tools that allow product engineers to gather, analyze and visualize customer feedback in near-real time.

Some of the tools manufacturers are using to optimize asset performance, improve production processes and facilitate product customization include:

  • Data storage – Manufacturers use data storage to maintain vital information on equipment, production processes and supply chain operation – data they can analyze to drive improvements.
  • Data cleanup tools – Manufacturers need data cleanup tools that allow them to transform unrefined information into a readable, unified data set that multiple stakeholders can use. They also need data cleanup tools to standardize data and put it into formats that can be used by multiple applications and systems.
  • Profiling tools – These allow manufacturers to keep an end-to-end inventory of critical data, enabling them to maximize the value of their information.
  • Data mining tools – These allow manufacturers to get the information they need when they need it.
  • Data mapping tools – These are ideal for helping manufacturers identify dependencies and pinpoint potential bottlenecks.
  • Data analysis – The ability to analyze equipment failures, production bottlenecks, supply chain deficiencies, etc., enables better decision-making.
  • Data monitoring – Monitoring tools enable manufacturers to automate quality assurance processes.

Cloud and SaaS solutions are making it so any size business can take advantage of the big data trend. If you are a manufacturer and need an IT partner to help guide you through this digital transformation, give 2W Tech, a Microsoft Gold Partner, a call. We are a Tier I Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider also and would be happy to discuss the best way for your organization to take advantage of what big data can offer.

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