As the digital transformation continues to evolve and more modern technologies are adopted all over the world, we are seeing these trends affect the managed services industry. Application outsourcing services are on the rise and more cloud application management services are emerging. Day-to-day operational demands are changing, and many businesses are being faced with a lack of internal skills to keep pace with technological changes.  

The answer to the lack of internal IT skills is to bring in a Managed Service Provider to help your business not only keep up with technology changes but help drive future trends.  

Here are some of the top Managed Service trends on the rise that your business may want to consider adopting: 

  • Automation. Removing redundancy and repetitive tasks from everyday operations can help your team become more efficient, while freeing up labor for other tasks. 
  • Hyper-converged IT Infrastructure.  Implementing this type of infrastructure is a complex process usually outside the expertise of an in-house IT team.  However, it will allow your business to upgrade your software and hardware at a much quicker pace. 
  • Managed security. Adopting managed security can help fight off the increasing level of cyberattacks. A managed security service provider will continuously monitor, defend, optimize security measures and regulations, and help your business secure yourself from all cyber threats. 
  • Real-time analytics and big data. There are new demands on businesses to be able to sort through copious amounts of data in real-time. This again requires a skillset that most businesses do not have on staff.  

Adopting technologies is not just about having the right skills, but the resources to support them. That is where 2W Technologies comes in. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Give us a call today to learn more about our various Managed Service programs. 

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