Logistical Challenges Manufacturers are Facing


Supply chain operations all over the world are being profoundly impacted by technology. Over time, technology started to automate tasks to help businesses increase their overall efficiency and now businesses cannot be productive without its’ use. Supply chain issues came to the forefront during the pandemic and those issues persist today.  

Manufacturers are still scrambling to find and certify new suppliers, and that often comes with a higher price tag. Manufacturers are being forced to get creative with supply chain management. A recent article published by Forbes had a statistic that 71% of manufacturers are redesigning supply chains with technology and 58% are increasing their supplier base. All to continuously function at pre-pandemic levels. 

Disruptions in the supply chain are causing production downtime, missed deliveries, and additional costs for raw materials. This is forcing manufacturers hands to act. They must be agile and use technology to foresee trends and adapt as quickly as possible. It is vital to a manufacturer’s success to have the ability to nimbly procure materials from various sources, forecast accurately, and to keep production downtime to a minimum.  

The best way for a manufacturer to operate is using cloud-enabled technology. This helps manufacturers stay on top of what is happening within the supply chain in real-time. With information stored in the cloud, data becomes more accessible across all departments within the business. Cloud allows the business to operate from any location, including remote locations and mobile devices.  

Is your manufacturing business still suffering from a disrupted supply chain? There may be ways your business can adopt technology to help get your business back on track and stay there. Not sure where to start? Let 2W Tech help! Let our team of expert IT Consultants introduce Microsoft Azure cloud and other technology solutions to your business that can help your business perform at optimal levels. 

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