We are well into the start of 2023 and cybersecurity is still just as hot of a topic as it has been, if not more. The sophistication around cyberattacks, as well as cybersecurity solutions has been taken to a whole new level. As modern technologies emerge, rapid proliferation on new attack surfaces means increased and ever-changing threat actors. To ensure your security posture is as secure as possible, it is important to understand what cybersecurity trends are emerging.

Here are some cybersecurity trends we will see on the rise this year:

  • Cloud originated attacks: As new cloud players emerge; we are still seeing some cloud services with inadequate security functions. The key to winning this battle is to adopt a mature cloud like Microsoft Azure or to implement your own security protection in addition to what your cloud provider offers.
  • Mobile security attacks: Most of the world now uses smart devices, so mobile has emerged as a major target for threat actors. We are especially seeing this in commerce, banking, and online booking applications.
  • Internet of Things attacks: As the digital transformation continues and the Industry 5.0 rolls in, expect to see more sophisticated and targeted attacks on the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. IoT essentially increases the size of your perimeter, making protecting it quite challenging.
  • User attacks: Users will remain the primary target, with threat actors continuing to leverage methods where they are seeing the most success. This includes phishing attacks, social engineering, and other techniques that involve enticing an unsuspecting person to compromise their company’s network.

One cybersecurity trend that is in favor of the good guys is the increased implementation of advanced machine learning and other artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in identifying and responding to threats.

The best way to protect your organization against these cybersecurity trends is making sure your business has diversified cybersecurity solutions in place.

This could include:

  • Making users part of the company’s security defense
  • Apply timely software patches and updates
  • Restrict unnecessary access and default to denying access
  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Follow industry best practices

If you need help evaluating your security posture or have questions on different measures your business can be implementing, you do not have to go at this alone. 2W Tech is a technology solutions provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let our team of expect IT Consultants help your business ensure you have the best security solutions in place to protect against the slew of cybersecurity attacks lurking out there.

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