You must run your business and cater to clients who reach out to you for your core capabilities. Step away from the IT services and let the experts take care of your systems by hiring an IT consultant like 2W Tech. In a managed service arrangement, the managed service provider (MSP) retains responsibility for the functions of the IT service and equipment, and the customer typically pays a monthly fee for the service. There are many different types of managed IT service offerings, but the idea behind all of them is to transfer the burden of maintaining IT from the customer to a service provider.

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The most commonly used managed services include the remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops and mobile devices. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is often a basic service for a managed services provider.

With the advent of cloud computing, managed IT services also have evolved to include cloud services. Service providers, for example, may focus on infrastructure as a service (IaaS), providing managed public cloud services in conjunction with cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure. Service providers may also market managed platform as a service offerings or partner with SaaS vendors in the service management market.

If you partner with 2W Tech for managed services, we will continually monitor the stability and security of your IT network so you can experience maximum network uptime, increase your efficiency and focus on your core business functions. We leverage artificial intelligence on our RMM platform to fix issues before they become an actual problem for your business. Contact 2W Tech today for more information about our managed services and other IT Consulting programs.

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