Is Your Business Still Resisting an ERP System?


Unbelievably, there are still organizations that are hesitant to integrate an ERP system, thinking it may be a too powerful tool for the needs of their business. As a company scales, traditional and manual tools cannot appropriately oversee all the coordination that goes into bringing a product to market. Not to mention the enormous amounts of pressure those tools or lack of put on your staff.  

Adopting an ERP system eliminates multiple disparage systems and instead creates dependencies on a single system. An ERP system is designed to support an organizations critical activity in an integrated fashion. Most modern ERP systems use advanced computational capabilities and artificial intelligence to streamline data and help you interpret what that data is saying. It combines key operational elements like product planning, finance, accounting, inventory and order management, vendor management, HR, and customer service capabilities. Not think about that last sentence for a minute. How many different software programs or spreadsheets does your business have to manage all those operational elements? 

For organizations that are still resisting implementing an ERP system, security should be a main area of concern. Every piece of software a business runs is a security risk. You must take steps to protect your network and every endpoint. Outside of the threat of a security breach, downtime and disasters are inevitable for any business, even manufacturers. Deploying a modern ERP system in your business gives you one central spot to manage your core business functions, as well as one main area to secure and manage the security risks.  

ERP systems create a dependency on a single system where there were once more distributed risks across systems. Planning for disaster or system failure becomes less of a burden on your team if they must only support a business continuity plan across one point of failure, your ERP system.  

Modern ERP systems do not have the same challenges legacy systems once offered us. They are easier to manage and install and their capabilities have really advanced over the years. When is the last time your business has evaluated an ERP System? 2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum Partner with over 30 years’ experience working with Epicor solutions. Give us a call today and let our awesome team of ERP Consultants introduce Epicor Kinetic and all the cool features and benefits it can offer your business! 

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