Industry Knowledge is ESSENTIAL at Every Stage of an ERP Project


Anyone that has gone through an ERP implementation understands there are various things to worry about. Even with a good internal and external team in place, it is a very complicated and complex project.  It is important to take any steps you can to ease the burden of an ERP implementation.  Manufacturers need to be confident that their ERP partner knows the industry and understands their business. Industry Knowledge is ESSENTIAL at Every Stage of an ERP Project.

A business requires guidance and solutions curated to fit specific needs, especially during the implementation and go-live phases.  Manufacturers need a partner that has deep industry knowledge and experience and takes the time to understand the specific needs of their client. It is not just about choosing an ideal solution, it is about correctly mapping and utilizing the solution you pick so that it best suits your business needs.  

The manufacturing industry has unique aspects unlike any other industries, couple that with the fact most manufacturers also have nuances and specialties different from their peers.  So not only do manufacturers need an ERP solution designed specifically for manufacturing, but they also need a solution specific to their business.  

Partnering with an ERP provider that has extensive industry knowledge can help ensure an organization selects an industry solution best suited to them and designed to accelerate their ambitions within the industry.  

Whether you need supported in unique features relevant to your business or reassurance about interoperability, choose an ERP provider that knows manufacturing inside and out and will take every step possible to understand your business and needs. That ERP partner is 2W Tech. We are an Epicor Platinum Partner and have been working with Epicor solutions and manufacturing for over 30 years. Let our team of expert ERP Consultants help you with your Epicor Kinetic implementations and upgrades.

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