Industry 4.0 Institutionalizes Intellectual Property


Industry 4.0 has been helping Manufacturers solve many workplace challenges, from small issues to large. The Manufacturing industry has been comprised of  a more mature and skilled workforce that often presents organizations a challenge when they need to fill jobs. Stuck between a nearing retirement workforce and a young engineers and operators with comparatively less experience, manufacturers are in bad place with trying to fill their job openings. Many of the people looking for work do not have the necessary job skills to fill the open positions, so many companies are forced to operate with a smaller staff than is desired and needed.  Industry 4.0 technologies magnifies the contributions of every employee, from the highest skilled engineer to the entry-level operator. By increasing the productivity of every employee, Manufacturers are able to do more with less.
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Your longest tenured and most talented employees are often the ones that have retained the most important knowledge over the years. They are the employees that often times have the answers to pertinent questions and are the key to your intellectual property. These employees have tremendous knowledge about your manufacturing processes, as well as your business processes. If that knowledge is not recorded, analyzed and understood across the organization, your business is at risk if any person that has the knowledge leaves the business.
Big data trends have businesses adopting more data-driven principles and putting the necessary software in place to be able to capture this data. The first crucial step is to get the information out of the heads of your staff and into your manufacturing system, where you have access to it and can use it. Second, once you’ve captured the domain knowledge and made it available real-time through advanced manufacturing systems, employees can gain access to it, fostering a culture of data transparency. When you achieve data transparency, your business can make more informed decisions at a much quicker pace.
Institutionalizing your intellectual property is just one of the challenges that the Industry 4.0 is paving the way to solving. The digital transformation in manufacturing is happening at lightening speed and you need to take steps now to ensure your business is keeping up. 2W Tech is a full-service ERP and IT Consulting firm that specializes in Manufacturing solutions. Give us a call today and learn more about how the Industry 4.0 can benefit your business.
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