Improve Your Shipping Efficiency with Epicor Quick Ship


When it comes to your shipping management solution, you could be at the top of your game if you invest in Epicor Kinetic Quick Ship. Epicor Quick Ship incorporates Epicor Design Framework in a web application that integrates seamlessly with Kinetic or P21 platforms. The really cool thing is it integrates with all major shipping services in the country.

Quick Ship automates many repetitive processes like rate shopping, shipment emails and paperwork. This helps reduce labor and shipping costs, as well as fines and surcharges related to manual copy and paste errors and human errors.  No matter how specific the shipping directions are, Quick Ship can still automate the printing. And they include return labels as well! 

Another time saving feature Quick Ship offers is streamlined communication.  You can communicate with carriers, calculate freight, prepare documents, and print labels all from one screen. You can shop rates from multiple carriers when you enter orders and shipments to ensure you are passing on the best rates to your customers. The selected calculated freight automatically flows back to your ERP platform for automated invoicing of these charges.  

Depending on the specifics of the industry you work in, you could really benefit from the ease of HazMat shipping with Quick Ship. It automatically recognizes when an item being shipped requires HazMat documentation, then stores the classification data and completes required paperwork. It makes HazMat shipping as easy as non-regulated shipping with integrated DGIS compliance software.  

With all the issues in the supply chain right now, you need to ensure you are doing everything seamlessly on your end to ensure on-time shipping. Using Quick Ship within your Epicor ERP step can help you accomplish that. 

Whether you would like to learn more about using Quick Ship with your Kinetic ERP or would like to learn more about the Kinetic solution, we are here to help. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and Epicor Platinum partner. We have ERP Consultants on staff that can help introduce you to the benefits of these solutions, don’t wait another day to get started. 

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