Hybrid Work is Here to Stay


Let’s face it, the hybrid work environment is here to stay in one way or another even when the pandemic is over. In a recent survey, business and IT leaders have acknowledged there are reasons pros and cons to the hybrid work environment, as well. 

According to the 2021 Hybrid Global Work Survey, 94 percent of business and IT leaders surveyed agree hybrid work helps with recruiting talent and competitiveness. And 83 percent of respondents say at least 25 percent of their workforce will remain hybrid post pandemic. 

However, a whopping 68 percent of respondents believe they are not completely prepared to support a shift to hybrid work. Many of the barriers-to-entry for a successful shift to a hybrid workplace are related to IT. In fact, 80 percent of business decision-makers surveyed believe technology disruptions negatively affect them, their teams, and employee job satisfaction. The disruptions cited include a lack of acceleration technologies (35 percent) legacy IT infrastructure (33 percent) and a lack of end-to-end visibility (32 percent). 

Underinvesting in technologies that ensure IT services are performing and secure can produce problems that affect your bottom line. Respondents listed increased difficulty in engaging customers or clients (40 percent), reduced quality of service to customers or clients (38 percent), decreased productivity (33 percent), decreased customer satisfaction (30 percent) and decreased revenue (39 percent) as impacts to business success.

On the other hand, when networks and applications operate at peak performance, so do employees and the business. Respondents say they’re saving time and money (38 percent), enjoying greater ability to deliver critical service to employees and customers (35 percent), enabling hybrid work models (32 percent), preventing, and reducing downtime (31 percent), driving innovation (29 percent) and enhancing collaboration (28 percent). 

Is your organization making a transition to hybrid work? Where does your company stand with its IT needs for this shift? If you need help, 2W Tech is ready to partner with you. We’re an IT consultant specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Contact us today to get your hybrid office and remote work setups in working order. 

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