The Epicor ERP Operations Core includes many modules that combined offer a solid foundation for manufacturing businesses to run efficient operations. One of these modules is Production Management Module.  

Included in the Production Management Module is Job Management functionality. Job Management is a comprehensive production control solution designed specifically from the planning, routing, scheduling, costing, and tracking of products. It is compatible with assembled, manufactured, and semi-finished products.

The module includes innovative tools to improve the planning and costing of jobs. It allows you to view historical run analysis that compares estimates to actuals on a run-by-run basis. You can identify wasted processes and continuous improvement opportunities on the production floor for maximized profitability.  

The module includes a planning workbench that allows access to the scheduling board for more detailed job management. From a single view, you can access all job-related activities including creation of new jobs, changing job requirements to match changing demand, and allocating or reallocating jobs to satisfy changing customer demand.  

There is a built-in Job Costing functionality included that allows you to compare actuals to estimates online review job costing for materials, material burden, subcontracting, and operations. You are also able to compare projected and actual billings for profitability analysis. 

Epicor Kinetic is the ERP system designed for manufacturers. The Production Management Module is beneficial in helping streamline and maximize efficiencies with managing jobs. To learn more about Epicor Kinetic or the Epicor ERP Operations Core modules, give us a call today. 2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum Partner with over 30 years’ experience in working with Epicor ERP solutions. 

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