The Internet of Things (IoT) has so many uses, it is impossible to pinpoint one that can explain the unprecedented growth of the use of IoT devices these days. Some experts believe there will be as many as 30.9 billion connected devices by 2035.   

How are you using the Internet of Things either for your business or for personal use? Here are a few factors driving the growth of the IoT right now:  

  • Supply chain headaches – Supply chain problems came to the forefront during the pandemic, and many companies continue to struggle to move inventory quickly from manufacturer to warehouse and to the consumers. IoT devices allow companies to gain visibility into their supply chain and know in real time where shipments are located. Many companies are already doing this via fleet management, which gives them the data and info they need to adjust in real-time instead of reacting when it’s too late.   
  • Extreme weather events – Due to the growing number of risks – the Texas freeze impacted millions and wildfires scored 7.1 million acres in 2021 alone, for example – IoT devices are playing an important role in monitoring the spaces and possessions important to people. This includes monitoring their homes for risks, such as risking water levels or leaks, and sounding alarms when they’re away. Also, IoT devices can monitor these same risks at a second property like a vacation home, which may sit unattended for a prolonged period.   
  • Empowering consumers – IoT devices aren’t just for businesses. IoT devices for consumers are countless. Products include cameras, smart sensors and other smart tech products within the home that help homeowners keep tabs on aspects of their lives as they work or run errands.   

IoT, combined with a cloud ERP solution, can provide your manufacturing business with the tools you need to compete in the digital age. If you need help moving your ERP system to the Microsoft Azure cloud or need help better understanding the IoT tools your business can be utilizing, give us a call. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are an Epicor Platinum Partner and holder of several Microsoft Gold designations.

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