Every year we see evolving trends within the ERP market. The adoption of ERP systems continue to rise year over year, although with the digital transformation, the ERP software takes different shape over time. The digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are going to continue to push technology evolution, and new ERP trends are going to become common place going into the next year.

Here are some ERP trends we can expect to see in 2021:

  • ERP and Real-time Data: Your ERP system is your tool for communicating all business data across all departments. By getting real-time data that is consistent across departments, you can make better, informed decisions. This will allow you to streamline business functions, enhance the customer experience, and get accurate, in-depth insights.
  • Cloud Acceleration: Businesses are finally starting to recognize the only way to keep your technology modern and up-to-date is by putting yourself in a position to make changes quickly and efficiently. Enter: Cloud technologies. Cloud allows you the benefits of scalability, reliability, security, ease of use…etc.
  • IoT Integrations: Integrating IoT and your ERP system together can bring your business a slew of opportunities. This marriage can allow your business to easily collect, evaluate, and assess a huge amount of data via sensors.  You can eliminate manual data entry. You can view your machine’s performance and take a closer look at the production process.

ERP trends are going to continue to evolve as these trends become commonplace. That is the really cool thing about technology, it never stops changing.

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