ERP Sustains Manufacturing During COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many organizations to quickly address work-from-home policies and to reevaluate their technology landscape. Manufacturers are in that same boat, however, they are also being faced with managing extreme swings in demand and uncertain supply chains. ERP systems have been tested over the years in plenty of ways, but there hasn’t been a true test on an ERP system maintaining business continuity like right now during COVID-19.

This extensive reliance on ERP solutions to we are seeing right now is unlike anything most of us have witnessed in our life. In response to COVID-19, ERP systems are keeping entire industries in operation with its ability to sustain business operations through remote access, automated reporting, electronic data exchange, and real-time controls.

Epicor ERP is the leading ERP software for the manufacturing industry. Epicor ERP empowers employees to work remote, so the transition most organizations had to make to working remote, didn’t put any strain on their ERP system. Front office teams are able to access their ERP system at home and still maintain full visibility of the business and can continue to interact with customers and suppliers as usual.

Running a factory floor from home is an entirely different challenge, but one that Epicor happy tackled. Their software can minimize the number of onsite shop floor staff by precisely scheduling work, assigning assets, monitoring equipment for output and checking quality issues in real-time. This allows manufacturers to manage the shop floor by exception. Which is no easy task, considering most manufacturers are experiencing sudden shifts in their demand patterns.

None of us are sure what our businesses will look like after the COVID-19 pandemic passes. However, most manufacturers will walk away understanding the important role their ERP system played for their business during these trying times. ERP systems will forever be known for their unique ability to maintain business continuity in the face of change. Putting off ERP upgrades now seems like such a silly thing to ever have considered doing. If you needed a heart transplant, would you put that off because it was either too expensive or seemed like too much work? I think not.

2W Tech is a technology service provider and an Epicor Gold Partner. We have ERP Consultants on staff with over 30 years experience. Give us a call today to upgrade your Epicor ERP software to the latest version.

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