Epicor’s Next Generation DocStar ECM Solution Enhancements


Earlier this month, Epicor announced that their next generation DocStar ECM solution was releasing some enhancements that would empower customers to safely work remote. This 20.1 release of DocStar ECM introduces an upgraded user interface, enabling teams to work smarter from any location. It seems this release was really made to simply and standardize the user experience.

The enhancements users will see in DocStar ECM 20.1 include:

  • Kinetic-themed User Interface –  A new redesigned UI, matching up more to the modern Epicor Kinetic Design framework to provide an enhanced user experience.
  • Epicor IdP/MFA Ready – More secure and user-friendly login management.
  • Epicor ERP AP Automation Enhancements – Workflow optimizations and performance enhancements for the Epicor ERP AP Automation solution.
  • Regional Numeric/Date Handling – View numbers/dates in multi-regional settings with this new user preference.
  • Workflow Application of Stamps – Apply Image and Text stamps automatically as part of conditional rules-based workflows.
  • Auto Match Workflow Capability – New automatic receipt matching capability for AP Automation solutions further reduces or eliminates manual receipt selection/data entry.

DocStar ECM 20.1 is now generally available. Contact 2W Tech to learn more about DocStar and these product enhancements. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are also an Epicor Gold Partner.

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