When an organization decides to migrate to a newer version of their ERP software, they 99% of the time start considering their upgrade options. However, what many businesses don’t realize is that an upgrade isn’t the only, or even always, the best method of moving your organization to the most current software. Depending on how outdated your ERP software is, as well as the number of customizations you have had done, you might be better off re-implementing your ERP solution.  An Epicor upgrade requires transferring current customizations and data into the most recent release, while a re-implementation requires installing the latest system and setting up a new database. Though neither task is easily accomplished, it’s important to operate on a current system to receive full protection against cybersecurity threats and to maximize the potential benefits the system can offer. Before you start putting your project plan together and setting a go-live date, find out if the upgrade is in your organization’s best interest.

An ERP upgrade could exhaust your resources and take up more time than your organization can dedicate . Research the new release and perform a cost analysis to determine what the true cost will be.  Bring executives, IT personnel and managers into the decision-making process early on to get different perspectives on this undertaking’s potential risks and benefits. Gathering all the right employees, as well as all the correct data, will help your organization decide is an upgrade or re-implementation makes the most sense for your business. 

Moving from Epicor 9 to 10 is easily achievable through an upgrade, especially when you team up with expert consultants. However, if you’re operating a legacy system such as Vista and Vantage, an upgrade is too complex in almost all situations. A re-implementation will produce better results and allow you to start fresh on a modern ERP solution. Choosing whether to upgrade or re-implement your Epicor ERP software isn’t always an easy decision. You have already taken the first step by realizing your ERP software needs an upgrade. The next step is to call 2W Tech. We can work with your organization and help you determine whether your Epicor system needs an upgrade or re-implementation. 2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and has ERP Consultants on staff that has over 30 years experience helping customers with their Epicor solutions.

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