Epicor Takes Connectivity to the Next Level with Data Fabric


Epicor Data Fabric is a Data as a Service (DaaS) solution that changes how the digital ecosystem functions. It makes it easier to collect, integrate, and share data from heterogeneous sources. The key feature in the release of Epicor Kinetic 2023.2 was Data Fabric.

Epicor Data Fabric is part of the Epicor Integration Model, which is API-first technology that offers and utilizes DaaS. The integration framework is powered by Apache Kafka and built on a highly scalable cloud-native architecture and hosted as part of the Confluent Cloud in Microsoft Azure.

Data Fabric addresses several challenges such as supply chain visibility, composable industry solutions integration with outside apps, unified operations across varied business units, system integration stability, and business viability monitoring.

Data Fabric brings data from one Epicor product and delivers it to another Epicor product, providing near real-time information across the systems, improving communications and visibility in the process. It creates a one-stop shop to configure and manage integrations. It also offers fast, dependable, and resilient data pipelines with receipt times within a few seconds. The other key benefit is it increases security as products connect to Data Fabric, not directly to each other.

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