The Epicor ERP Operations Core is made up of several modules that gives a business the key functionality needed to run an effective business. A business needs appropriate tools to streamline all the moving parts of their operations, from processing orders to managing inventory, everything that goes into meeting and/or exceeding customer demands. The Epicor Sales Management module enables you to produce accurate estimates, streamline your order-to-cash cycle, and fulfill orders ensuring you are exceeding customer expectations. 

The Sales Management module is crucial for order management. From the time an order is entered in the system, its progress is tracked through final shipment. This creates order fulfillment on demand. You can manage all your orders and make any necessary changes online. This gives your business an enhanced order-to-delivery process for increased customer satisfaction. It eliminates surprises about order status and any issues that may occur with an order.  

The Sales Management module is also very important in estimate/quote management. From the time of inquiry until an order is placed, this module allows you to easily generate and track customer/potential customers requests for quotation. Quotes can now include accurate pricing and lead times. Calculate material, subcontract, labor, and burden costs for multiple quantities of a part with information from a previous quote, similar part, or from the Bill of Materials (BOM). It also provides some flexibility to add special charges for tooling or design. When the order arrives, changes can easily be made, and detailed routing can be produced before releasing to shop floor. 

The Sales Management module gives a business the flexibility to process quotes and orders the way that your business needs it to. If your sales management process is not designed to fully support your needs, it may be time for a change. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and long-standing Epicor value-added reseller. Let this Epicor Platinum Partner help you understand the Epicor ERP Sales Management module and all the other possibilities Epicor Kinetic can offer your business. 

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