Product Management serves as the central hub for your process and product data and history, just as your ERP system is the central hub for your business. It provides collaboration and data exchange among those that interact with your products, including product managers, engineers, salespeople, buyers, and quality assurance representatives. The Product Management is a module that is included in the Epicor ERP Operations core.

In this module, you can achieve control and consistency in your engineering change and revision process with Enterprise Engineering. Engineering Change and Revision Control enables engineering change management, multiple revision control of products, and engineering workflow management. It provides a business with a detailed cost analysis of products during the engineering process. You have everything needed to produce a product and manage the steps in one central location.  

Epicor supports both traditional Bill of Materials (BOM) and multilevel BOM. Traditional is single-level part format that recognizes the materials and components required to build parts. Multi-level includes that, but also internal and external routing steps for complete end assembly visibility, planning, scheduling, and costing. Visual engineering technology is also included, which has indented tree structures and drag-and-drop BOM management.  

Another included feature designed specifically for engineers is the Engineer Workbench. It gives engineers a place to manage all engineering tasks related to modification, review, and approval of assemblies. They can also drill down into all related information like jobs, inventory, sales orders, and quotes.  

Using the Production Management module, a business can optimize the product lifecycle processes to increase the efficiency of their staff, create better quality products, launch new products quicker and cheaper, and help maximize overall profits.  

To learn more about the specific functionality of the Production Management module or other functionality within Epicor Kinetic, give us a call. 2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum Partner that has been working with Epicor solutions for over 30 years.

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