Just as your Epicor ERP system is the heart of your business, the Epicor Operations Core is the heart of your ERP. It includes the Sales Management, Supply Chain Management, Production Management, Product Management, and Planning and Scheduling modules.

The Planning and Scheduling module handles your organizations scheduling and resource management. There are multiple resource views and online scheduling tools available that essentially offer the master scheduler and manager the ability to visually locate overload problems and slack conditions. They can perform cost and throughput analysis on schedule changes before anything is concrete.  

The scheduling engine uses several factors that affect production quantity, setup time, production time, capacity, priority, and more to calculate how long each job takes from start to finish. It displays the schedule through the Job Scheduling Board, the Resource Scheduling Board, and the Multi-resource Scheduling Board.  

The Planning and Scheduling module allows you to schedule jobs based on forward, backward, what-if, and infinite capacity. You can schedule and reschedule your jobs with flexible, infinite real-time capabilities for a single job and plant-wide global finite capacity.  

To run an effective business, you must be able to appropriately plan and schedule out your jobs. If you need help exploring the Epicor ERP Planning and Scheduling Module and how it can help your business run more efficiently, let us help. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and long-standing Epicor value-added reseller. Let this Epicor Platinum Partner help you explore all the possibilities Epicor Kinetic can offer.

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