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In speaking with many of our clients over the last couple months in regards to upgrading their Epicor ERP system, it has become very clear that many ERP users are not taking appropriate advantage of the benefits customization can offer. Anytime we recommend a client upgrades their system, we like to dive into their current system and their business processes to get an understanding of how they are operating day to day. We usually find two things; a business that does not use any customizations but instead uses outside spreadsheets and programs, or a business that is so heavily customized that upgrading their system becomes a total nightmare.
When you select an ERP system, you choose the solution that is the best possible fit for your organization. There are 2 logical next steps: Adapt your processes around the solution so that you can use it as-is or you customize your out-of-the-box system so it suits your processes and delivers your critical data in the way it makes sense for your business. The reality is these scenarios I just described only happen in rare cases. ERP customization does not need to be a painful process, especially if you select your software while keeping customizations in mind. If you go into purchasing a solution that you know needs customized, choose one that is easily customized and offers customizations that match what you need.
So when should you customize your ERP system? When your company has functional requirements that are unique, complex, and of limited scope. The first thing you would want to do is to see if there is a compatible program that can run in conjuction with your ERP system. If there is not, customization is the best solution. Customization is expensive and time consuming, but when done right can be extremely effective. But the key is to using an ERP Consultant that has experience with not only doing the programming necessary, but also in knowing what customization really needs to happen. An expert can help get the solution you need, but also can help you understand what this customization will mean for you long-term when it comes to upgrading your solution.
Simple form customization is not a new concept but started to gain popularity with the release of Epicor 9 and Epicor 10. Any organizations with some programming skills can easily customize some forms within their Epicor ERP system or their ERP Consultant can if they don’t have the internal skills. With the release of Epicor 10, 2W Tech has come up with pre-made Epicor reports. Basically, we can customize Epicor forms to better fit your organizations needs. This way, you can adapt forms that you regularly use without having to make customizations to your system. This also saves you time and money and allows you to gain customization without all the fuss. If you are in need of improved basic Epicor forms such as Bill of Lading or Purchase orders, or a 3 part check for Epicor 10, contact us today.

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