Epicor Data Discovery Gives You Data For Your Toughest Decisions


Epicor Data Discovery gives your operations the ability to quickly make informed decisions to drive improvements based on data, not opinions. Considering this power of this capability as well as the fact EDD Core and Basic is included with your Epicor ERP system, there’s not to use EDD for data-driven decisions throughout your organization.  

Epicor Data Discovery is a data visualization tool for Epicor ERP, through EDD, staff can use their natural visual abilities to quickly spot areas of interest in real-time production data that they might have otherwise missed by just looking at rows and columns of numbers. In the Data Discovery view, you can set filters and drag and drop measures and dimensions to produce rich visualizations – a process like manipulating a pivot table in a spreadsheet. You can then focus on a data point or area and drill down into the underlying ERP transactional detail.  

There is an assortment of 30 metrics across four role types included with EDD Core. EDD Core gives access to these metrics based on the role type – executive, finance, supply chain or manufacturing. EDD Basic allows customers who create their own BAQs to attach them to EDD and create visualizations. EDD Card Views in Active Home Page is an optional starting point for a user logging in and is where most users will first encounter EDD. A key component of the Epicor Kinetic Framework, Active Home Page contains quick access tiles for regularly used forms, links to other applications, and resizable EDD card views. Via EDD Advanced, customers can EDD to outside data sources – data sources other than Epicor ERP BAQs and External BAQs – most notably, to multidimensional cubes they have created in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.  

To get started with EDD, you can do it yourself by reading the install guide, installing the extension and taking the Epicor Education Class. Or a much easier way is to pick up the phone and call 2W Tech. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and long-standing Epicor reseller, as well as an Epicor Gold Partner. We have a starter pack for EDD bundled and ready to go for your convenience. Contact us to learn more. 

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