Double Extortion Tactics Not Enough for Attackers Anymore


Ransomware groups are increasing their tactics to force compromised organizations to pay up. Over the past few years, double extortion has become increasingly popular. This is a method where the attackers not only encrypt the data, but also threaten to leak it publicly unless the ransom is paid. Double extortion tactics have now paved the way for heightened methods.

Multi-extortion is where ransomware gangs are harassing victims and other people in addition to applying the methods of double extortion to add even more pressure. They go about doing this by emailing or calling co-workers, especially C-level employees. If they can get ahold of client lists, they will contact them as well. They will post information about the attack on social media channels and alert the press so they can promote the incident.

It really is quite simple, the more pressure victims feel, the more likely they will give in and pay the ransom. Fear is a real thing.

How secure is your organization? Have you evaluated your risks to see where you are most vulnerable and put a plan in place to determine how to best protect your organization? This is the first step your organization should take to help prevent a ransomware attack from happening to you. Let an organization like 2W Tech come into your business and work with your team to evaluate your risks and help ensure you are running the best security solutions to keep your business protected from outside threats. Call us today!

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