It is fun to watch and read about all the new emerging technologies. You cannot even turn on a news station anymore without hearing some mention of artificial intelligence (AI) and a new platform or way it is being applied. Emerging technologies are forcing businesses to create better processes and efficiencies, resulting in better profitability. However, with modern technology comes some risk. Cyber needs to be a consideration when you are creating your digital transformation strategies.

With many organizations choosing to implement 5G and the number of connected devices within an organization continues to rise, businesses need to monitor and manage these devices to ensure the device software is current and secure. Anywhere there an inputs and outputs, there is risk.

Artificial intelligence brings on a new set of worries when it comes to security. The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) has highlighted the importance of building trustworthy AI systems that can be audited through a rigorous, standardized system of documentation. Cyber must be considered to address the risks of insecure AI decision processes and model data leakage.

Cyberattacks continue to get more sophisticated and pervasive and by introducing modern technologies, cybercriminals are finding new avenues to threaten organizations. Investing in cybersecurity solutions needs to be an integral piece of the puzzle anytime you implement a modern technology. By incorporating cybersecurity into your digital transformation strategies, you are mitigating risks associated with cyberattacks. Do not forget about this key piece of this which is cyber training for employees.

Where is your business with your digital transformation? Have you started experimenting with AI in your business? Make sure you have a cybersecurity plan in place before you continue to adopt new modern technologies within your business. You do not have to go at it alone, let 2W Tech help. We are a technology solutions provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let our team of IT Consultants help your business find the best and most secure path forward.

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