Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


One of the things that is tough for Manufacturers going through the digital transformation is trying to keep up with all the buzz words. Not only do you have to understand what the terms mean, but you need to understand how they can impact your business. Two buzzwords that are often used interchangeably in manufacturing is artificial intelligence and machine learning. These terms do not mean the same thing, but it is common for people to mix them up, causing confusion that they are. AI research is defined as the study of intelligent agents any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also called machine learning (Ml) which contributes to the confusion. Machine Learning is a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to learn with data, without being explicitly programmed.
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A more streamlined answer to what the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning is that AI is the broader concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “smart, while ML is a current application of AI based around the idea that we should really just be able to give machines access to data and let them learn for themselves. Machine learning is a subset of artificial learning, which is just the umbrella term for every computer program that does something smart.
2016 was the year that AI and ML really started to make traction. AI really took off and many were encouraged that 2017 was going to see the trend continue to blossom. These trends were still present in 2017, but they didn’t take over the Manufacturing world like predicted. That does not mean the trend is dead. Quite the contrary. 2018 is seeing AI and ML make some strives forward and joining in with the digital transformation that is occurring in the manufacturing industry. 2W Tech is a full-service Consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing solutions. For help understanding how AI and ML can benefit your business, give us a call today.
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