Containers-as-a-Service was once a novel concept for organizations looking for new ways to upload, organize, run, scale, manage and stop containers by using virtualization. CaaS is not no longer the new kid on the block, and countless organizations are taking advantage of its many benefits.

According to a recent survey, expanding the use of containers ranks third on the list of initiatives respondents intend to spend on. The 2020 State of the Cloud Report, released earlier this month by Flexera and Rightscale, many organizations are choosing container-as-a-service offerings from public cloud providers. For example, Azure Container Service adoption reached 46 percent.

Other findings from the survey include:

  • 65 percent of organizations are using Docker for containers. Another 58 percent use Kubernetes.
  • Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud offers CaaS, and it is experiencing notable growth these days.
  • A lack of resources/expertise is cited by 41 percent of respondents as a top container challenge.

You may find your organization in the latter category. Perhaps that’s a result of the relatively recent adoption of container technology. Also, migrating traditional applications to containers isn’t as problematic because containers are optimized for micro-services, but traditional apps are not.

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