The digital transformation is putting new demands on organizations to re-evaluate and sure up their technology landscape. Businesses don’t have an option to not invest in new technologies if they want to remain competitive and achieve the utmost business efficiency. Whether you’re looking to execute a near flawless operation or out-pace your competition, or possibly accomplish both, Consulting services by 2W Tech can help.

Investing in new technology is pointless unless you are willing to re-evaluate your existing business processes in conjunction with the application of that technology. By allowing 2W Tech to come into your organization, we can help you roll out standard operating procedures and implement process improvement. Revolving around your Epicor ERP system, we can help you implement lean practices designed to remove company waste in regards to inventory, operations, transportation, and more. The net result is reduced costs and improved customer service and satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking to improve your cash flow, gross margins, inventory turns, sales per employee, or any number of Key Performance Indicators, we can help. 2W Tech can help your organization ensure your Epicor ERP system is running at full capacity and that every software in conjunction is maximized to get your business the best outcome possible. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are an Epicor Gold Partner, as well as an Microsoft Gold Partner. Give us a call today to get started with our Consulting services.

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