With the digital transformation pushing technical advances, cloud computing adoption is skyrocketing and excitement is building. The pace for cloud adoption will continue to accelerate, providing new opportunities and new levels of quality and efficiency. As we continue further into 2020, we are going to see more cloud computing trends.

Some of these cloud computing trends include:

  • Shift from Multicloud to hybrid cloud. As organizations adopted cloud solutions for the first time, we saw running applications across multiple clouds. 2020 is going to bring more hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud uses local servers, private cloud and third party cloud services. The burden on businesses will be lessened by unifying your infrastructure.
  • Serverless Computing. Gives a developer the ability to focus on the product without having to hassle with servers.
  • Importance on Cloud Security. Cloud security becomes about access control, policy creations, data encryption, cloud workload security and threat intelligence need to become priority in your organization’s security plan. 2020 will also see security features such as privileged access management and shared responsibility models.
  • Quantum Computing. We will see major upgrades in hardware to increase the efficiency of computers. It allows computers and their servers to process more rapidly than ever before using less energy.

Cloud computing is going to continue to evolve at a rapid pace and changes are inevitable. Organizations will have a number of decisions to make with regards to cloud computing, including when and how to adopt it. 2W Tech is a technology service provider that specializes in manufacturing solutions and has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in cloud computing. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and would be happy to discuss the benefits the Microsoft Azure cloud can bring to your business.

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