Choosing the Right IT Consulting Company for Your Business


In 2018, the IT Consulting industry surpassed a whopping $425 billion and that figure has already been bypassed in 2019. Technology is rapidly changing, being pushed along by new emerging trends such as big data, IoT, AI and Industry 4.0 to name a few. Due to the pace technology is evolving at, most businesses can’t keep up the emerging trends at a pace that can keep them competitive in the marketplace. All organizations should be partnering with an IT Consulting firm to help, no question. The question they face though is how do you choose the IT Consultant to partner with?

The first step in choosing an IT Consulting firm is to define your business goals, both immediate and long-term. Taking the time to outline these goals, can ensure that you choose a partner that knows your goals ahead of time and every decision you make needs to get you closer to achieving those goals.

Next, you want to ensure any IT Consultant you are considering has industry-recognized certifications. The right IT consulting firm should engage in industry recognized certification programs demonstrating they are able to keep up with emerging trends in technology.

You need to take the extra few minutes and ensure they have references that can speak to their credibility and reputation. You need to ensure not only that they have successful existing partnerships, but that their personality and work exemplifies what you are looking for in a partnership. Choosing a partner you don’t like is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in business and can cost you countless headaches.

The last area you need to be cognizant of is budget. This is a tricky one to navigate because you need to make sure your business can afford the services you hire, but choosing simply by price can end up costing you more in the end. Cheapest usually is not the best when referring to services rendered. Be very careful that you make sure you are evaluating other factors as well as price.

When choosing the right IT Consulting Company, make sure they you chose an organization that is appropriately staffed. If there is only 1 person and they get sick, what happens when you have an emergency?  Such a firm will be unable to meet your specialized needs and unable to offer professional support thereafter.

2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting firm that specializes in solutions for the Manufacturing industry. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have earned several designations with Microsoft. We also specialize in ERP solutions and are an Epicor Gold Partner.  We have been in business for over 30 years and have dozens of ERP and IT Consultants on staff that are ready to help your organization meet your short-term and long-term goals. Give us a call today.

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