There are countless benefits to making the Industrial Internet of Things a major part of your operations. Being innovative IIoT technologies is just as important, you can’t just coast through your adoption of Industry 4.0 and expect to keep up with your competitors.

Here are a few of the innovative applications of the IIoT we’re watching:

  • Machine vision systems – These are commonplace in production lines for barcode reading, quality control and and inventory management applications. However, as the IIoT continues to grow, these systems are becoming more critical, and manufacturing is turning to deep learning-based versions for a data-driven and statistical approach.
  • 3-D printing and additive machining – Customization is the name of today’s manufacturing game, and the IIoT gives you your best shot via share software.
  • Blockchain – There is no better way to verify a device on the IIoT than using blockchain. It also can help you with supply chain optimization, improved product trust and better maintenance tracking.
  • Augmented reality – Pairing the IIoT with augmented reality give you the human-machine interface that will fill in workflow gaps in tasks and maximize human and machine interactions.

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