With a bevy of solutions available to organizations like yours, there’s no excuse to leave your data vulnerable to disasters and cyberattacks. The experts at 2W Tech rely on Axcient to keep our clients’ data backed up and stored as securely as possible. Cloud-based backup solutions, like Axcient’s Backup for Files,  provides file-level backup for servers and critical workstations that you can have up and running in minutes. Spend your time where it counts the most, on your business, while Backup for Files scheduling, automation and customization secures your data to the Axcient Cloud.

Axcient Backup Disaster Recovery 2W Tech Security solutionsFull and incremental file-level backups of workstations, servers, laptops and NAS devices with encryption and compression, including open files generated by Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle and other server applications is available through Axcient Backup for Files. You also can recover your files as you need them. Flexible, granular recovery with current version restores, point-in-time restores, and specific location restores, via download, disk shipment and in the Axcient Cloud are available.

The Axcient Cloud itself provides a highly scalable hosted environment, cloud replication for any environment, and cloud-based disaster recovery for Hyper-V environments. Its affordable, offsite backup and multiple recovery options for virtual machines in the event of a disaster are at your disposal. And 500 gigabytes of bundled cloud storage per protected virtual machine, forever incremental backups and block-level deduplication and compression keep you safe from a disaster.

We offer a robust, scalable low-cost backup and data storage solution powered by Axcient that can increase the security, performance and availability of your data while delivering on the economics of the cloud. Contact 2W, an Axcient partner, today for help with your backup and storage needs. 2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting firm that specializes in Security solutions.

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