Adjusting Your Digital Transformation to a New Reality


Many businesses found themselves in one of two buckets with regard to Industry 4.0 as the coronavirus took hold last month – you were either on a path for your digital transformation, or you were suddenly forced into one.

Either way, you’re in a global experiment now that will determine not only the future of your business, but also the future of work for decades to come. Embrace it. And although the financials may seem unpredictable while we’re forced to work from home, there is no time like the present to determine what you want out of your digital transformation.

Be sure to consider:

  1. The budget — With revenues decreasing, will you be able to allocate the same resources to your digital transformation as you had planned before March of this year? You may not have the same budget, but don’t let your digital transformation come to a screeching halt — some progress is better than no progress.
  2. Best tools for your new reality — Take the opportunity to decide what equipment, software, etc., is working for you now that you’ve been forced to experiment for about a month.
  3. The staffing to move ahead — Make sure individuals who are on board with moving into a Industry 4.0 are the ones who head into this new reality by your side. If those individuals are not on your staff yet, the labor pool will be an employers’ market for the foreseeable future, giving your organization the chance to find the right people.

Even in these unprecedented times, the best approach to your digital transformation is to have a plan before attempting to implement any new technologies or trends. 2W Tech is a technology service provider that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry and can assist you with your digital transformation. Give us a call today.

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