A Simple Checklist for GDPR


The General Data Protection Regulation celebrates its fourth anniversary this year, and the regulation has become and remains one of the strictest privacy and security regulations on Earth. As strict as GDPR is, it has always been an intimidating regulation for organizations working with the EU to maintain compliance with. And with potential fines of upwards of almost $21 million – or £17.5 million – you will want to be on the right side of GDPR.   

Of course, GDPR is nuanced in many ways with mandates that must be closely followed. But here is a simplified checklist to help make sure your organization is on the right track toward GDPR compliance:   

  • Ensure your organization is taking GDPR seriously – Make sure your team understands your expectations regarding compliance by educating the entire organization about procedural and operational directives.  
  • Suspended all noncompliant data collection – It is also essential to ensure your organization puts policies and procedures in place to enable the acquisition of legitimate consent wherever and whenever data is collected.   
  • Identify and log all current data – Implementing genuinely effective data handling and storage procedures is impossible without understanding what data your organization has collected from individuals. Regular audits of any collected data are vital for a holistic understanding.   
  • Regularly review data practices – Reviewing data practices regularly is crucial for ensuring continued compliance. It is important to reflect on whether current governance practices are sufficient to comply with GDPR.   
  • Clearly communicate your intentions to your employees and customers – Be sure to create and/or update your organization’s literature to clearly communicate the rights of individuals when it comes to personal data.   
  • Appoint a data protection officer (DPO) — Every organization should appoint someone responsible for ensuring you are correctly applying relevant laws protecting individuals’ personal data.   

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