A Few Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10


laptop_cloud_computing_400_clr_9211 A few weeks ago, Microsoft launched Windows 10. The initial reaction by many tech experts is that it is the return to Windows’ classic form and a major step forward with all the impressive new features. There are however some features that disappeared from older versions of Windows. Windows Media Center, DVD playback, desktop gadgets, some games, floppy drive support, and Windows Essentials’ OneDrive Application.
Should the removal of these few features stop you from upgrading to Windows 10? Not necessarily. There are a few key features that are new.

  1. Operating system across multiple devices. Users will be able to move between devices seamlessly due to having a single operating system for all devices and also a framework for apps that run on all the devices.
  2. The start button is back. It was removed in Windows 8 and that was not a popular decision by users. The start menu is also modernized, giving you the ability to customize your tiles and pinning frequently used programs.
  3. A new and fast default web browser comes built in. Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer as the web browser. Early reviews state the browser is faster that Google Chrome, the most popular web browser available right now.
  4. Windows now offers a virtual assistant. Providing an answer for Apple’s Siri, Microsoft introduces Cortana, who responds to typed queries or recited commands into the computer.
  5. Security features have been significantly enhanced. Microsoft Edge includes malicious website and software scanners and automatic upgrades for critical add-ons like Adobe Flash.
  6. Upgrade is free for 1 year. Microsoft moved away from charging for the new version of its operating system and instead is giving it away for free. That decision is certainly meant as a major incentive for more users to quickly adopt Windows 10. It has yet to be announced how business licenses will be renewed after the initial one-year free period.

It is pretty clear to users of Windows 10, that this is the best operating system Microsoft has released since Windows 7. If you have questions on the software’s capabilities or if upgrading to Windows 10 is right for you, please talk to your IT Consultant before you make any decisions. IT Consultants are experts on the benefits and consequences of implementing a new operating system.

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