Tune Up For Epicor ERP

In order to maximize your Epicor ERP system, regular SQL, Server and Operating System Maintenance, as well as Patch Management, has to be part of a regular maintenance plan. Epicor is releasing 2 update patches per month for Epicor 10 systems. Proper maintenance on your Epicor system requires expertise on all the pieces of your Epicor installation, not just Epicor. 2W Tech has the in-house experts to keep your Epicor investment current and trouble free.
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Epicor 10 Configurator

There has been a lot of inquiries and questions directed at us lately from our clients and potential clients in regards to Epicor 10 Configurator. Product Configurator (PC in short) is a powerful tool in Epicor ERP which allows users to customize parts based on the demand from the customer, which can be inserted directly into the system. Configurator 10 uses Microsoft C#(Sharp) language, which is a change from Progress ABL that was used in Vantage 8 and Epicor 9.
2W Tech is happy to answer any questions you have in regards to Epicor 10 Configurator, just ask!
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Epicor Process Analyst

2W Tech recently appointed Mark Purintun as their Epicor Process Analyst. This newly created position will allow 2W Tech to focus on helping clients bridge their Epicor operations with their financial statements to help create stronger efficiencies and more accurate inventory.
Did you know that there is hidden data in Epicor that is absolutely invaluable that most users can’t find on their own?
Our goal is to learn more about your current business processes and Epicor processes; including current struggles and gaps in information. Once this information is uncovered, our Epicor Process Analyst can work with you to design custom solutions within Epicor to help maximize your ERP investment.
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2W Tech is a full service Epicor ERP and IT Consultant. We offer Project and Managed Services, IT Infrastructure Solutions (both hardware and software), as well as specific industry solutions. If you are interested in any of these services or need help with your Epicor or IT systems, let us know. We are happy to help.

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