Your Next Step in the Evolution of Your ERP


The latest changes and newest version of Epicor is now here and you should see what’s new!
Epicor’s ERP version 10 is a visionary blend of agile technology and global functionality to connect and inspire growth and opportunities in your business. Your choice of deployment, your choice of device- it’s ERP done your way.
This latest version has over 800 thousand hours of development and has been in the works for years. As technology has changed so has the way you interact with the different elements of your operations, from finance, to customer access to data, communication, production and distribution. Over 80 existing customers helped with the analysis and testing of the newest functionality, allowing the focus of the newest release to be on your needs and what will work for you.
Here are some of the changes you will see in Epicor’s ERP version 10:

  • Collaboration tools that allow inside teams and outside resources to communicate through one tool using secure social media. This a will help you to better meet your customer needs, drive innovation and link your business processes directly to your value chain.
  • The ability to choose the environment you want work in leveraging the tools and infrastructure you need to make the most of your targeted goals.
  • Speed. Now Epicor is 4 times as fast as the current model. Built on the existing ICE 3.0 platform with new user interfaces, you can now be more adaptable to change and growth.
  • Elimination of complex use of your Epicor ERP. With the new capabilities and user interface your time to train and eliminate keystrokes is substantially reduced. You have all the same rich back end process management but now you have a clean GUI allowing you to easily communicate with others, view reports, map processes, and get to the data for the answers you need without having to click through multiple menus.
  • Mobility at the forefront if you need it. No more do you need to be tied to your desk with the latest version offering BYOD support and real time access to data where you are, when you need it.
  • Continued enhanced functionality through quarterly point releases make sure your needs are constantly addressed and Epicor is providing you with a solution to your immediate needs and the agility to adapt to new requirements within your business processes.

If you are looking to take your operations to the next level or looking for an ERP solution for today and tomorrow you should be upgrading or considering Epicor ERP version 10.

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