Your Employees Are the First Line of Defense Against Cybercriminals


You can protect your IT infrastructure with the most up-to-date cybersecurity defense software available, but cybercriminals still know the most vulnerable access point to your operations: your employees. Consider the phishing attacks that start with a simple request from a customer or supervisor, and even the most well-meaning employees can unintentionally launch a payload of malware into your system – with devastating effects. For example, a recent malware infection that overtook the city of Atlanta’s system cost more than $2.6 million to resolve.

To better foolproof your IT infrastructure, it is wise to train your employees on how to avoid the traps cybercriminals set for them. Educate your workforce by initiating a few simple tactics:

  • Strategize – Your security awareness program should consider the risks in your business and focus on the critical items, ensuring relevant security topics are covered thoroughly.
  • Training – Security awareness training should cover the basics of security and can be as simple as a few slides recorded on a webinar platform.
  • Keep employees up to speed – When applicable, send out a company email showing a recent phishing attempt, or show screenshots of compromised software and websites. These emails make the threats real and actionable.
  • Stay in touch – Instead of a lengthy security lecture, break up your training in digestible chunks of 15 minutes or less.
  • Multiple mediums – Emails may become tedious and repetitive after a while. Distribute information via posters, screensavers, IM platforms and office screens, as well.
  • Targeted training – Provide different training for every department in your organization. The attacks that are effective on each group are targeted and unique, so make sure they know what they need to know for their specific job title.
  • Make a game of it – Cybersecurity is a serious subject, but keep your employees engaged by making it fun. Test employees regularly and reward them for good performances.

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