Windows 11 Available in Windows 365 in Preview Stage


Now that Windows 11 has officially been released to the masses, Microsoft has announced Windows 365 is now running cloud PCs with it.

The Windows 11 operating system – released October 5 alongside Office 2021 on October 5 – is a great choice for hybrid work. If you’re a current subscriber to Windows 365, you have the option to select 11 as your operating system of choice, or continue to use Windows 10. To distinguish between the operating systems, Microsoft created two wallpapers – Windows 10’s features the OS logo as the default wallpaper, and Windows 11 uses a blue flower-like shape.  

Support for Windows 11 in Windows 365 Enterprise and Azure Virtual Desktop is still in the preview stage. That’s because these desktop-as-a-service implementations require using Generation 2 virtual machines to support Trusted Launch security protections, which also is in the preview stage. Trusted Launch is Microsoft’s name for various security protections, such as Secure Booth, virtual Trusted Platform Module and virtualization-based security, for Azure Generation 2 virtual machines. The protections against boot-kit and rootkit malware are analogous to security measures available in Windows 10 and 11 Secured-core PCs.  

Microsoft’s announcement on Windows 365 Enterprise support for 11 doesn’t call it a preview – Windows 11 is described as available for that service, however. The announcement does mention Windows 365 Enterprise users must convert to using Generation 2 virtual machines in order to use 11.  

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