Why a Gap Analysis is Important to a Compliance Program


Most major companies within the US are subject to at least one type of security regulation and most have difficulty determining which regulations apply and how to interpret the requirements of the regulation. Security professionals have experience implementing systems, policies and procedures to fulfill the requirements of the regulation and enhance the security of your organization. However, most organizations don’t have a Security professional on staff and often wait too long to look for external help. There are many types of compliance program reviews with different scopes of work and costs, performed by consultants with varying degrees of competence.

A gap compliance analysis will measure a company’s existing procedures and policies against best practices as well as applicable local, state and federal regulations. The results will indicate the gaps in a company’s compliance program, such as potential regulatory violations and incomplete data security requirements. By identifying these deficiencies, you can take corrective action and mitigate risks to the business.

Laws and regulations are complex and a company may not have the internal resources to perform a proper gap analysis. This is an area where your business will not want to flounder for long without seeking help. A third-party business consultant with expertise in compliance plans can step in and apply their skills to conduct the gap analysis and and help ensure a successful compliance program.

2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting firm that has Security experts on staff that have experience conducting gap analysis as part of our Cybersecurity Compliance program. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can lead you in your compliance journey.

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