With vaccines on the horizon for COVID-19, it hints at the possibility of the world going back to normal. However, many experts are predicting organizations will retain the remote working options for their employees even after a vaccine is approved and distributed. Cloud adoption will continue to accelerate as key workloads are needed to support remote workers and maintain data center operations now that this appears to be the “new normal”.

COVID has proven just how unpredictable the world is, so businesses have to continue to be adaptable for changing environments. The easiest way to put themselves in that position is by moving several of their workloads to the cloud.

Businesses should be providing mobile devices and applications. It is a bit trickier to move your desktop computer home, than it is to transport a laptop. It is a bit trickier to transport your landline home, why not use a cell phone.  Cloud is an ideal back end for supporting mobile solutions.

Cloud-based collaboration tools are also a necessity. May I recommend the Microsoft 365 product suite if you are the market. For remote workers around the world, videoconferencing is one of the most important tools. Microsoft Teams is included with Microsoft 365 and is an excellent videoconferencing and collaboration tool.

Your IT department should be pushing for virtual desktops if you don’t already rely on this solution. This is a tool used by IT administrators to separate the physical desktop system, including laptops, from the desktop environment and applications used by individuals. Your remote workers can access their applications and documents and stay connected from any location. Windows Virtual Desktop is a great solution to consider.

Two other workloads you should absolutely be running in the cloud are your disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. You need to ensure your business stays running and protected before, during and after a crisis. Redundancies in the cloud operating environment mean that cloud environments are inherently resilient and offer greater availability, providing you assurance you are protected at all times. No one saw COVID coming, what in the world could we be facing next?

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